3rd trimester – week 32

the end of week 31/beginning of week 32 was fun!  hubby and i had a little getaway to savannah, GA to celebrate valentine’s day, his birthday, and our “baby moon.”  i love savannah, even in the winter.  our timing actually worked out well as we skipped town just in time to miss a little freezing rain and mini snow storm at home.  savannah was mid 50s during the day and got as low as 30ish at night.  if you live in the south and ever make a trip to savannah, here are my recommendations of were to stay, places to go, food to eat:

  • lodging: the president’s quarters inn.
  • shopping: the Christmas shop on bull {they have their own line of smocked baby clothes, which are super cute, check them out online}.  one fish two fish {great store for all things lady.  picked up hostess gifts for my upcoming shower here}.
  • dinner: the olde pink house.
  • dessert: wicked cakes.  lulu’s chocolate bar.


here’s my update for week 32 so far:

  • weight gain: another 2 lbs for a total of 6 so far this trimester and 14 in total.  the other day, i had an appointment to get my eyebrows waxed, and my esthetician asked me if i’ve lost weight.  ha.  try i’ve gained 15 lbs, lady.  this is kind of bad of me, but i have yet to tell her i’m expecting, only because she hasn’t noticed {fleece jacket still hides baby well/clearly i don’t go that often} and she’s kind of nosy.  during the height of my {in}fertility drama, she used to ask me when we would have a baby {goodness lady, i wish i knew}, so i didn’t really want to hash out the details with her.
  • food aversions: nothing noteworthy.
  • food cravings: also, nothing noteworthy.
  • symptoms: pregnancy gingivitis, sleepy, rib pain, occasional pressure, shortness of breath, constipation.  also, i forgot to mention this a couple of weeks ago, but brown spots {almost like freckles} around my areolas.
  • emotions: still some worry and anxiety.  also, when i get frustrated, i get mad.  like real mad.  i used to cry, and would feel much better afterward, but crying is hard to come by these days.
  • baby bump: measuring between 31-32 weeks according to my OB.
  • movement: presses, wiggles, kicks, and lots of baby hiccups.  i’ve also felt a weird sensation the past couple of weeks, almost like bitty is shaking.  it kind of freaks me out {like is my baby having a seizure?}, so i asked my OB about it today.  he said he hears this from time to time and thinks it’s a muscular reaction during hiccups and that fetal seizures are unlikely.  i’ll just keep praying little boy is healthy.
  • stretch marks: yes, but not on my belly.  i discovered a few tiny ones on my left breast.  this happened in puberty as well, but mederma did the trick, so i’ll probably get some of that soon if it’s safe to use during pregnancy.

my first NST is scheduled for week 34, next ultrasound is scheduled for week 35.  can’t believe i’m already talking mid-thirties.


3rd trimester – week 31

well, i’m kind of a mess after our ultrasound yesterday. emotions are all over the place. getting right down to it, baby boy measured about a week behind at 30 weeks, 3 days {even though i am 31 weeks, 2 days as of yesterday}. however, he’s still in the 50th percentile {not sure how that math works}, so the doctor is not concerned. i brought up that the last 2 months he’s been in the 67th percentile, but the doctor said all babies grow at different rates. my biggest fear is that the low papp-a level is becoming an issue and causing growth to slow down, as i was previously notified would occur between 28 and 34 weeks if it were to be a problem. i’m prime time at 31 weeks, and all of the sudden we’re a week behind. still, the doctor assured me that he’s not concerned about growth restriction until baby measures below the 10th percentile. so no further monitoring for another month.

i struggle between trusting the doctor {who sees this every day} and advocating for me and my child {aka being a first-time, worry wart mommy}. i’m just praying that God keeps His mighty hands over our little boy, and allows events to unfold appropriately if baby needs to be born early to get him here safely. nothing is too hard for God, nothing.

i may also email the doctor today to see if he can explain the 50th percentile, but 1 week behind measurements. this seems contradictory to me as measuring a week behind doesn’t seem like it is “average.” this doctor is super nice, so i hope he will be receptive to my question and able to provide clarification. my regular OB mentioned that non-stress tests are also sometimes used to monitor low papp-a babies, so i’d like to get the high risk doctor’s thoughts on that.

*update: i did email the high risk doctor, and he already replied. instead of paraphrasing, i’ll paste his response below. i feel a bit better with the info he provided.

I remain pleased that everything is going great.

That is a very astute observation regarding percentile and weeks gestation. As it turns out, completely different formulas from different studies are used to calculate fetal weight percentile and gestational age. (The calculations came from different studies that used different populations of patients, so things don’t always end up exactly lined up.) Nevertheless, we really don’t worry (even if growth velocity slows down in the 3rd trimester) until fetal weight percentile is less than the 10th percentile. Even at that point there is a very low probability of problems, but in someone who does not have additional risk factor (such as a low PAPP-A or perhaps a medical complicatin) we start monitoring with NSTs when the weight is <10th percentile.

With low PAPP-A we simply recommend beginning NSTs at 34 weeks gestation. So, yes, we are planning that.

Hope this is helpful and not too confusing.

otherwise, bitty is still breech, but oh so cute. he was sucking his thumb and kicking my belly during the ultrasound. the ultrasound tech pointed out his “baby mohawk” {how they can see hair in those fuzzy pictures, i have no idea}. the whole pregnancy, i’ve been telling hubby that i hope our baby gets his genes and has beautiful, dark hair. i was born with peach fuzz {at best} and bald until about the age of 2, so maybe bitty is taking after his {hairy} daddy. last but not least, cervix was still nice and long so no more cervix checks for me! shortening and funneling is normal after 32 weeks as the body prepares for delivery.

in other news, here is my 31.5 week update:

  • weight gain: won’t know until my next OB appointment next week.
  • food aversions: nothing noteworthy.
  • food cravings: also, nothing noteworthy. i feel like my eating habits are almost back to those of my pre-pregnancy days {slowly adding too much sugar}.
  • symptoms: bleeding gums when brushing teeth/flossing {officially called pregnancy gingivitis}, sleepy, rib pain, occasional pressure, shortness of breath, constipation is back, but indigestion may be improving. i noticed a direct correlation between morning grape nuts and increased indigestion throughout the day, so i had to cut those out {hence the return of constipation}.
  • emotions: anxiety, see above.
  • baby bump: everyone keeps telling me it’s small, which gives me a complex {especially now that bitty is measuring a week behind}.
  • movement: presses, wiggles, and kicks {mostly on the left side still. confirmed: his head is still on the right, legs on the left}. baby hiccups.
  • stretch marks: not yet.

3rd trimester – week 30

week 30 has been a bit rough, physically.  but every time i start to complain, i remind myself how thankful i am for bitty boy and that we’ve made it this far.

  • weight gain: 3 lbs from week 28, that’s a total of 4 so far this trimester {i knew i couldn’t sneak by}.
  • food aversions: nothing noteworthy.
  • food cravings: also, nothing noteworthy {ok, maybe salt still.  i did inhale some kettle chips on saturday}.
  • symptoms: bleeding gums when brushing teeth/flossing, so sleepy, rib pain, acne, tummy skin tightness/pain, i get short of breath easily, so much indigestion/reflux.
  • emotions: still get quite angry over little things.  still don’t like that.  i’m striving for improvement this week.
  • baby bump: according to the OB, measuring right at 30 weeks.
  • movement: lots of presses and wiggles, particularly on the left side.  my OB thinks his head is on the left, but feels like his legs are too.  it will be interesting to see what position he’s in at our next ultrasound {this coming wednesday}.  so many hiccups.
  • stretch marks: not yet.

my belly skin was so tight/my tummy was so sore on friday that i decided to call the OB.  i knew it couldn’t be contractions because the pain didn’t come and go.  instead, it was constant.  all day long.  i’ve also experienced tightening after exercising, but that pain is always much lower and eventually stops with rest.  they brought me in and did the full work up just in case {external exam, internal exam, fetal fibronectin test, movement/contraction monitoring}, but thankfully everything looked normal.  i love how my OB’s office never makes me feel crazy for stuff like this.  they really are awesome.

i’m looking forward to our ultrasound this wednesday.  hopefully bitty boy is still on track!