one thousand gifts: 74 through 82

instead of blowing up the blog daily, i’m going to collect a few and then post.  just continuing on:

  • 74. lunch with a sweet friend to brighten my tuesday 
  • 75. extra time with my little man on wednesday morning, even if it was rushed 
  • 77. a good 9 month check up on friday
  • 78. warm, sunny weather in january on saturday
  • 79. catching up with good friends on saturday 
  • 80. church on sunday, especially a good sermon
  • 81. the day off on monday to spend with my little love
  • 82. making progress on house decorating over the long weekend {it has been 1.5 years since we moved}

one thousand gifts: 63 through 73

life is hard.  this is a truth we all know.  it’s so easy to get discouraged with circumstances, but simply pausing to take a look around shows that this is not a unique situation to me.  everyone faces a trial of some sort.  there are so many things that i perceive to be “worse” than the things i’ve been through during my time on earth so far.  whether my assessment is right or wrong, it is grounding.  it helps me remember to be thankful for all that is going right, for all i do have {non of which i deserve}.  who am i to say my hand of cards should be better?  the truth is, i live in a country where i have the freedom to worship the Being that created us, where there is no shortage of food, where there is adequate medical care to help me overcome some of life’s unpleasantries.

something’s been happening with the blog lately.  i write about baby stuff and write for therapy, but i haven’t really been writing about the good stuff.  i don’t like this.  i’m not sure when it changed, so i’m going to try to fix it.  it’s been 1 year and 9 months since my last one thousand gifts post.  that’s embarrassing.  a lot has happened in the last year {and 9 months}, a lot of it has been good.  so here we go {always in no particular order}:

  • 63. freedom to worship the Lord
  • 64. IVF and FETs
  • 65. baby brian 
  • 66. watching my hubby be a father
  • 67. parenting with my hubby 
  • 68. the way my husband sacrifices so serve me {there have been some ups and downs, but when i step back and look at all that he does for me, especially since having our son, i realize that despite bad choices in the past, he is a good man}
  • 69. thyroid medication
  • 70. a new, family friendly vehicle
  • 71. watching baby brian grow and learn
  • 72. communicating with brian through sign language
  • 73. the unusually warm weather we had over Christmas – lots of walks outside!

i’ve had this blog for almost two years.  if i had written one thing i’m thankful for each day, i would be at 708 things.  that’s eye opening.  new goal: think of at least one thing i’m thankful for everyday.

happy 9 months

baby brian,

happy 9 months, bubby!  wow, i can’t believe we are already at the 9 month mark.  time definitely goes faster now that you are part of our family.  we just celebrated the new year, 2016, which allowed me a little time for reflection.  2015 was a good year, possibly the best one yet.  you joining our family has been such a blessing and so much fun.  being a mom definitely has challenges, but most good things in life do.  i wish i could freeze time right here… to soak your 9 month self in just a little while longer.  i never want to forget your sweet baby face and expressions, the way you sign “more” and wave at mommy and daddy.  but time will march on, as evidenced by another year, and you will keep growing.  2016 will be a big year.  it is the year you turn one, and your birthday is only 3 months away!

between 8 and 9 months you’ve added little scoots in every effort to be more mobile!  you can also get from the sitting position to the crawling position, but so far you just rock back and forth on your hands and knees before breaking out into your supermans.  you’ve learned to sign “more” for more food during feeding times.  we’re working on “all done,” but so far you use the same sign that you do for more.  in addition to signing and waving, you can give high fives and clap with no sound.  you definitely respond to your name now.  we celebrated your first christmas – you loved the ribbon, wrapping paper, and bell on your stocking more than the actual presents.  you did get a few cool new toys, but it seems like you’d always rather play with things that are not really toys – cell phones, remote controls, books, pieces of paper, jewelry.  

your eating and napping schedule hasn’t changed from last month, but you are eating more things now.  more varieties of fruits and veggies, tiny pieces of bananas and avocados, and you even tried some biscuit on christmas day (grandma’s idea).  you are doing much better with not gagging when eating table food.  mommy is becoming more consistent with offering you water in the training sippy cup; you take a few drinks with mommy or daddy holding the cup for you, otherwise you mostly play with it.  you don’t seem to mind mommy and daddy helping you hold that cup and the bottle.  speaking of bottle, you’ve taken a new interest in examining the bottle nipple after you finish a bottle.  you love to squeeze it and play with the bottle in general.

over the past month, you’ve had several helmet appointments.  mommy and daddy can see progress with your head shape and are thrilled about the results so far.  you also had your second flu shot and two sick appointments.  on new year’s eve, you woke up with a 101.6 degree fever after a restless night.  we were at pop pop and gigi’s house, but decided to come home to take you to the doctor.  the doctor couldn’t find anything wrong with you, so she said it was likely a virus.  after 2-3 days, the fever subsided, but the restlessness, fussiness, and poor eating did not.  then you developed congestion and a yucky cough.  mommy could hear a wheezing sound when you laid down, so back to the doctor we went. turns out you had pneumonia in your right lung.  you’re on an antibiotic, so hopefully you will be all better soon.  the antibiotic seems to curb your appetite, which mommy is not a fan of, but it’s important that you get well!

of course mommy still prays for you several times a day.  i pray for your growth and development, health, and well being.  and i always pray for the character traits i want you to have – to be a leader, compassionate, caring, confident yet humble, and obedient.

i love you more than i have words to describe.  you are my favorite little man, and i’m so thankful i’m your mommy.