happy 10 months

baby brian,

what in the world?!  how are you only two months away from being one?!  just yesterday you were my teeny tiny baby, barely smiling at your world, always hungry.  now you are my big baby boy… crawling around, getting into everything, curious about all of your surroundings, flirting when you want, and slowing down just enough to eat when mommy reminds you to.  this last month has held big things for you, mainly crawling (january 20th).  it took a while for you to figure it out, but once you got it, you were off!  now mommy and daddy have the joy of chasing you around and trying to keep you out of things you shouldn’t be in (like the dishwasher, shoes and shoelaces, mommy’s decorations).  and we have the joy of trying to keep you from rolling over and crawling away from us during diaper changes.  it is fun to watch you grow, and it keeps us busy, for sure!  i’m sure pulling up on things isn’t far behind, you can already stand on your knees and do some maneuver that closely resembles the yoga move “downward dog.”  we haven’t added any more new signs, but not for the lack of trying.  your claps have sound now, and they are super cute.  generally speaking, you’re a happy little fella, sometimes you start clapping just because.  you’re vocabulary is improving with words like “baah baah, “da da,” and an occasional “mama,” although “da da” and “mama” dont seem to be reserved for daddy and mommy just yet.  you have also figured out how to push buttons – buttons on toys, the button on your movement monitor, the GE symbols on our dishwasher and oven that you think are buttons.  it’s pretty funny!

naps are still the same.  eating is quite different.  you have discovered that there is more than puréed baby food out there, and you’d rather have the other stuff!  you started to deny baby food after about half of the jar, so we’ve been offering you more table food… bananas, avocados, roasted sweet potatoes, peas, green beans, shredded chicken, Cheerios, kiwi, oatmeal, and this week, shepherd’s pie.  you love shepherd’s pie!  you sign more before you finish chewing the current mouth full, and if we’re not ready with the spoon, you let us know you still want more with a loud “mmmm.”  you even had your first bite of real cake at a friends’ birthday party… what can i say, we had to celebrate!  we’ve had a couple of feeding challenges, mainly spitting and swallowing pieces of table food whole.  the spitting is not very gentlemanly, we just try to convey our disapproval for spitting at the table.  swallowing pieces of soft table food wole isn’t all that bad, other than it has messed up your bowel movements some. i think all of the extra pieces that are not able to be digested almost act like fiber.  you had one weekend full of poop, which ultimately led to a very raw and sore behind.  you don’t have any new teeth, but i’m fairly certain you’re working on your lower one year molars… it’s kind of a challenge to get in there and see though!

your appointments over the last month have just been for your cranial band and 9 month checkup.  you are about to outgrow the cranial band, we probably only have a few weeks of treatment left.  your head shape won’t be perfect, but it has improved some.  i wish we hadn’t waited so long to see the cranial banding folks.  your 9 month visit went well.  you’re right at average for height and weight.  you got one shot and a finger prick so your doctor could get a baseline reading for blood work.  the worst part about the finger prick was getting you to leave the band aid alone afterwards, you tried to eat it several times!  you’ve also tried to eat a band aid we had on your foot after you rubbed it raw crawling… no more band aids for now!

my prayers for you are mostly the same.  i do pray extra hard for your safety now that you’re mobile.  and i continue to pray that your dimple won’t be an issue and that you will learn to stand and walk. i also thank God for you many times a day.  you light up my world, and i’m so very lucky to call you my son.

i love you millions, monkey man!



one thousand gifts: 83 through 89

i’m already behind.  honestly not surprised though.  being a working wife and mom is no joke.

  • 83. brian can crawl! another milestone that helps us worry less about the sacral dimple!
  • 84. a friday snow day with my little love!
  • 85. several joint pain free days recently, praying the trend continues
  • 86. celebrating the first birthday of our friends’ little girl
  • 87. warm weather on the last day in january 
  • 88. answered prayers for a dear friend
  • 89. a successful meeting with a new endocrinologist {for the thyroid}