brian and i took a walk in the neighborhood yesterday evening while we waited for “da” to come home.  we saw a neighbor who’s usually out in her yard with her dogs.  both of these are not uncommon.  but yesterday we struck up a conversation that was about more than her golden retrievers and how old brian is.  one thing led to another, and she opened up about a horrific traffic accident her husband was in several years back.  her family thought they lost him twice.  and then he spent 4 months in the hospital recovering.  then on top of it, she lost her corporate job when the economy tanked.  she mentioned that life was chaos and she never imagined being where they are today.  

obviously a different situation, but what she said resonated with me.  it reminded me of the plumb song “need you now.”  the first two lines are “well, everybody’s got a story to tell, and everybody’s got a wound to be healed.”  how true this is.  so often we feel like certainly we are the only one who’s life is falling apart.  and it’s just not so.  my conversation with dottie reminded me that life has pretty hard moments, but when we live to tell, we come out stronger.

we just had a failed cycle.  i’m 19 days strong with dermatographia.  and my thyroid now seems to be going bananas.   life feels out of control, but it always has a way of calming down or adjusting to the new normal. my conversation with dottie reminded me of the verse below.  even if i don’t experience healing on this side of Heaven, there is something to look forward to.  i can do this.

these things I have spoken to you, that in Me you may have peace. in the world you will have tribulation; but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world  {John 16:33}


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