a dear friend sent me a link to a sermon {almost more like a conversation} on miscarriage recently.  having been through a loss herself, we both have many of the same emotions and thoughts.  we know that healing is a process, that there are many emotions, and you have to let yourself feel every single one.  we have discussed how loss is uncomfortable for those who haven’t experienced it – especially something like a miscarriage which is so real to the mom carrying the baby, but not tangible for many others.  we both agree that loss is magnified after a struggle with {in}fertility; just when you think the journey is over, it continues, but with more bruises and scars.  the church doesn’t talk about this kind of loss much, at least not mine, and we were both glad to hear the church addressing the early loss of a baby.

whether or not you have experienced miscarriage, i think this sermon is so important to listen to.  it validates the many emotions those who have experienced miscarriage feel: sorrow, grief, frustration, questioning of faith.  and the sermon also shares a few pointers on how you can support someone who suffered a miscarriage, even if you haven’t experienced it firsthand. 

i will admit that i struggle with miscarriage in the context of God.  the Bible promises that for the people who serve Him, God works all things together for the good {Romams 8:28}.  a miscarriage is not good – to me it makes no sense, at least not immediately.  the Bible also promises that we will have trials in this world {John 16:33}.  this is life and a result of the broken, sin-filled world we live in.  no one is immune.  at the end of the conversation, the pastor said that at its roots, miscarriage comes from sin in the world.  not necessarily my sins, but just sin.  that may be the only answer i have in this lifetime.  i have experienced God working all things together for the good after my first loss.  i don’t know why i had to have uterus surgery, an ectopic pregnancy and miscarriage, 3 failed cycles, IVF, and a high risk pregnancy to get to brian, but i wouldn’t trade any of it leading to him for the world.  the pastor’s closing remarks ignite faith and hope that God will make this loss good too:

just never forget who our God is.  He is always in control.  He is never not in control.  and He is never not good.  He is always good, all the time.


2 thoughts on “miscarriage

  1. Thankful to walk this road with you and witness God working through you, through the brokenness. Praying for healing and light. So proud of you. Xo- Meg

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