my pregnancy by trimester {1st, 2nd, and weeks 28/29 of 3rd}

well, i’m officially in the 3rd trimester.  as a whole, time has gone fast.  but the individual weeks and waiting for the next milestones feel so slow.  i still have a lot of anxiety over the “what ifs,” but i try to take it one day at a time and pray my way through worry.

i haven’t done a great job of posting updates about my pregnancy so far.  it’s funny because before i was here, i imagined myself keeping a journal, taking weekly photos, planning a gender reveal party, etc.  none of this has happened.  perhaps our rocky start put a damper on my plans.  regardless, it doesn’t matter now.  i’m thankful to be where we are, and everyday i pray that we will make it one step closer to a full-term, healthy boy.  i figured i may want a recap of my pregnancy one day, so here’s my attempt to capture symptoms, emotions, etc by trimester.

first trimester

  • weight gain: zero lbs {although i was up 5 lbs from IVF, so i considered this a win}.
  • food aversions: sweet things, cereal, pretty much everything.
  • food cravings: salt.
  • symptoms: mild cramping, spotting, dizziness, stretching pains, insomnia for the first few weeks {thankfully followed by better nights of sleep}, acne, constipation {nothing a colace couldn’t handle}, excessive vaginal discharge {mostly clear}.
  • emotions: weepy {tears for sappy movies or a touching article}.
  • baby bump: baby bloat.
  • movement: i started feeling flutters around 9 weeks… not constantly, but flutters nonetheless.
  • stretch marks: nope.

second trimester

  • weight gain: 8 lbs {seriously worried something was wrong since i didn’t pack on the lbs.  we’ll see how the 3rd trimester treats me}.
  • food aversions: most sweet things still, but i started to get back into dark chocolate {particularly dark chocolate paired with sea salt} towards the middle of this trimester.
  • food cravings: taco salad, pineapple and pepperoni pizza, cheese, caribou coffee’s dark hot chocolate {they make it with real pieces of dark chocolate.  you have to try this out if you like hot cocoa.  it will change your life}.
  • symptoms: stretching/round ligament pains, tiredness, massive headaches starting around 20 weeks, bleeding gums when brushing teeth/flossing, acne, extreme constipation {we’re talking fissures or internal hemorrhoids here.  even colace didn’t cut it}, poor sleep/insomnia began again towards the end of this trimester, vaginal discharge {mostly thicker.  mostly yellow.  totally scary.  maybe slightly less in quantity}.
  • emotions: let’s just say there were a few times i went from zero to i may rip someone’s head off in like 10 seconds flat.  not proud of that at all.  also, if something bothered me, i would obsessively think about it until i could solve the problem.  didn’t really feel like myself.
  • baby bump: a little one.  i didn’t really pop until 20-25 weeks.  i could’ve still hidden it if i wanted to until then.
  • movement: lots of kicks, punches, and rolls.  if i didn’t feel anything for a few hours, i’d try to coax him into moving by rubbing my belly.
  • stretch marks: still nothing, thankfully.

third trimester so far {weeks 28 and 29}

  • weight gain: 1 lb.
  • food aversions: overly sweet things still.
  • food cravings: cheese.
  • symptoms: bleeding gums when brushing teeth/flossing, sleeplessness {lots of tossing and turning}, rib pain, acne, pooping seems to be better after adding grape-nuts to my diet {this cereal is not overly sweet, so a win win}.
  • emotions: been trying to work on that temper, anxiety.
  • baby bump: according to my doc, a decent size one for 28 weeks {keep growing, little baby}.
  • movement: he has busy times and quiet times.  the quiet times stress me out.  felt a couple of good rolls last week.  this week he seems to be more about pressing and wiggling than kicking {not sure if he is getting too big or what, but also slightly stressful}.  baby hiccups, at least once a day.
  • stretch marks: not yet.

well, that’s all for now!